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Quiero Arepas® is a Certified Gluten Free Kitchen

“Do you have gluten free items?” “What’s gluten free?” These are a couple of questions asked almost daily on the Quiero Arepas® Food Truck.

The answer is always the same. Everything is gluten free. We are a certified gluten free kitchen.

But what does that mean?

While compiling our potential menu for review by the City of Denver we realized that our menu as it stood was gluten free. Our entire menu was already 100% all natural, organic and local whenever possible.

The only item we use that does not specify gluten content is the one ingredient that makes the Venezuelan arepa authentic…Harina PAN.

Our solution was to buy test kits that detect the presence of gluten at 10 parts per million or more and batch test our dough.


Our Harina PAN always delivers a negative test result for the presence of gluten.

With the menu free of all gluten (naturally) we wanted to assure our customers and insure their safety. Our staff was educated on gluten free food service using the Gluten free Resource Education Awareness Training. Certifying Quiero Arepas® as a GREAT® Kitchen.

We have been serving our arepas to our wonderful fans in Denver since April of 2010. We will continue to read labels, search for the highest quality & cleanest ingredients available, educate ourselves and our employees and batch test our Harina PAN to ensure that our food is always delicious and “honestly gluten free”.

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