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Eat St. Season 5 is HERE!

It’s been one year since we filmed our episode with the Eat St crew. What a day. We met them before our shift at Civic Center EATS, our day began at 7am. It was a 100+ degree day and we were asked to turn off our ventilation hoods for the day(in order to improve sound quality for the shoot). IT WAS HOT. It was also the most fun we have ever had. The crew was amazing and our LONG day finally came to a close at around 6:45pm. There was a LOT of sweating, laughing and retakes. We are SO excited to finally see the finished product! Thank you to those of you who came out to brave the line and the heat that day and EVERY day since. We are humbled by this experience and driven to make every arepa better than the last. Join us for the premier of “Bon Appetito” August 28th on the Cooking Channel. Here’s a little teaser from Season 5 of Eat St. Eat St. Season 5 Teaser

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